Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mathematics of the roulette wheel

The Casino advantage of 5.26%. has a Question you need to answer
The mathematics of the roulette wheel needs to consider this.
If the roulette wheel after every 37 spins has 12 numbers that do not come out, then has every number had an equal chance of coming out?

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When you play on an American Roulette table or a European wheel, the casino online best odds are what you want.
We know that in every 37 spins 1/3rd of the numbers will not come out on average.
So would you not have to change the way you work out the odds ?

Questions for the Mathematics of the roulette wheel.

They say every number has an equal chance of coming out in every new spin of the roulette wheel.

Every number may have an equal chance, when you work it out with maths, but when you play the game it is different.

Think about this, if every number has an equal chance of coming out on the next spin, then why do we not have a lot more of the results showing numbers coming out 5, 6, or 7 or more times? every 37 spins.

It's because every number has an equal chance of coming out but they don't, you only have to watch the spins to see you get a certain amount of numbers coming out 1 time in 37 spins, and you have numbers about 12 that do not come out at all, in every 37 spins.

Now because 12 numbers will not come out, this gives the other numbers more of an advantage of coming out, this is why you see doubles & trebles in every 37 spins. The only difference is how many of each different category. So the Mathematics of the roulette wheel is right in maths language, but when you play, in real life, it's a different reality.

Now if we are going to get in every 37 spins. Numbers that will not come out, then we know that in every new lot of 37 spins, 12 numbers have no chance at all, because you will get 12 numbers not coming out, every time or a number close to that.

In every 37 spins you will get:
*12 numbers not out.
*17 numbers will come out 1 time only.
the rest of the numbers will become doubles or trebles.
*(these numbers will change with in 5 or so numbers, for each new lot of 37 spins.)

 If you picked one of the 12 numbers that will not come out, then you would have a 0% chance of winning.

Now if 12 numbers do not come out, then some of the other 25 numbers left must come out twice or more. All these numbers have twice as much chance.

 Also of the first 25 numbers that come out you will find that about 17 numbers only come out once, so if you keep playing that number, after it came out the 1st time, then for the rest of the 37 spins you will have 0% chance of it coming out at all.

How should we use maths in Roulette?
I think we can all agree that Albert Einstein was and will always be better than me at maths, and he said the only way to win at roulette was to reach over the table and steal the money.

I think the reason he was no good at roulette was because he used Mathematics of the roulette wheel, which did not take into consideration what I have just been talking about, and he would have been playing every single spin.

Think about this I play Roulette with skills that I have learned from over 20 years of playing, I have tested idea's and I can go to the casino and win 9 out of 10 times with the loss not taking all my winnings.

When I play I know the Zero can be a hot number and come out, up to 4 times in 37 spins, or it could be a cold number and not come out at all for 4 lots of 37 spins (148 spins) or it could just come out it's normal 1 in about 37 spins.

I know when I play I will gets losses in that night, but I play with the best odds I can in my favour I use all the tips and the best strategy I know and most importantly I have great Self Control.

I can either risk chips on a bet and if it does not win I have to take this loss from my wins or I can bet where I only have a win or loss depending on what numbers come up, this way I could play 10 spins and my winning numbers did not come up, but I never lose a single chip, because of the way I placed my bets.

I play a system where you are only trying to find 4 numbers that will NOT come out on the next spin. These numbers are found by using tips I know on what makes a number less likely to come up then it comes down to if the roulette ball hits a winning number or a losing number.

They say the ball is not influenced by previous events & this will not influence future events.

Now the mathematics of the roulette wheel have to be carefully thought about before you decide what information you use for your equation's the probability of winning, the changes in the Roulette odds the changes in the gambling odds, understanding betting odds in the games of probability depending on what you believe you will be basing these belief's on trying to beat the probability games that you play.

An easy way to see if you are using information that is wrong is to see what your winning results are like.

You want the casino odds and the mathematics of the roulette wheel on your side, be prepared to change what you think .

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