Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to win at Roulette

How to win at Roulette:

All Roulette Systems will lose in the long run. You will lose your money and 

YOU are to Blame.

It is your decisions that made you place those bets, your reasons. 
Unless you Master the 4 most important skills, You will kept on Losing.
1: Self Control.
2: Control of your Emotions.
3: Play A Good System or 2 ( the Systems must not be rubbish).
4: Knowledge of what really happens when you play Roulette.

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These skills you must learn before you can win and keep the money 
If it was easy every one would stop working and just play Roulette, 
then how to win at roulette would be easy.

There is a price you must pay and I don't mean money, it's just like a sports player
you can't just go out and play a sport and be really good at it, 
you need to get your skill level up first and know what to do 
and what not to do if you want to win. 

You need to work on yourself and see what you are doing wrong and fix it.

The biggest problem facing people playing roulette is their Self Control

knowing when to stop and when to go home, 
how much money will it take until you stop?

Knowledge of the game, you need to know what really happens 

when the Roulette numbers come out.

What can you expect to happen in every 37 spins of the roulette wheel.
What is the maximum time a number will come out in 37 spins?
Why do numbers stay away for 200+ spins?

What is the best system to play when you get long runs of one colour?
Can you win playing the Martingale System?
How many of each colour would you expect to come out in 37 spins? 

Do you know how to find the most likely numbers to come out on the next spin?
Which numbers should you stay away from?
What is the 2 Dozen 6 number Strategy?
What is the 2 Streets System? 

Which Row have the most black numbers in it?
Which Row has the most red numbers in it?

Where are the 3rd dozen red numbers around the wheel?
which dozen has most of it's numbers in groups of 2 around the wheel.
How often will the Zero come out?
Why do around 12 numbers Not come out in every 37 spins?

This is what most people see when they look at a Roulette wheel.

If you pick 1 number from these 37 numbers you have a 
1 in 37 chance of being right.
What we the roulette players with knowledge know is that
 you Don't have a 1 in 37 chance because in the next 37 spins close to 12
 of these numbers are not going to come out at all. 

This means you have a 1 in 3 chance of picking a number 
that will not even come out.
Was the number you picked 1 of those 12 numbers?

In this picture you can see where all the 1st Dozen numbers are 
you can see which side of the wheel the red & black 1st Dozen numbers are.  

These numbers are the 2nd Dozen numbers only,

 we can notice that there are 4 groups of 2 of these numbers right next to each other
 and the colours are mixed really well.

 The 3rd Dozen numbers stay on there own side of the wheel 

Most of the red numbers are very close together.
You will notice when playing that the winning numbers sometimes 
stay in a certain area.

If the area is  where all the 3rd Dozen red numbers are, 
then it would be a great time to play these numbers.
When you learn my 2 Dozen 6 numbers System, 
this would be a great time to use it. 

You would lose no chips if any other dozen numbers came up.

As you can see how to win at roulette is learning what happens when you play
and working on your bad points.

If you have no self control then you will lose when playing a roulette system.
You would be wasting your time.