Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free online roulette winning systems

STOP searching for the Free online roulette winning systems that will make you money time after time with no risk.

                  Because it dose NOT exist.

This does not mean you can not win, it means there is work involved. Free online roulette winning systems maybe free, but you have to follow the roulette rules or the roulette system's will not work. Do you know what the roulette rules are ?
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Winning systems must have some thing that will make them lose you need to know what this is.
No one can win at roulette unless they know how to play the game.
You must know what can make your roulette winning systems lose.

Then you need a roulette strategy of what you will do, when this happens. You don't want to lose money every spin or have to wait for a certain event to happen to get your money back, only to find that the event did not happen.

You must play free online roulette winning systems with information about roulette that is true, you need to test any idea's or systems, this way you can only blame your self if it's bad advice.
All bets you make are based on what you think is true or you think will happen, if it is wrong information, then you will lose.
If you lose too many times then you start on a downward track that will make you a loser, at the end of the night.

To win playing Free online roulette winning systems you need more than just luck. You really need to know yourself, & what you are like in different situations.

There are 2 dozens that do not cost you any money if they come in. You know what can make you lose & what will make you win, you make a good amount of chips when you win, there is also a chance for the casino to win.

Now you just have to know & follow the rules that make this a free online roulette winning systems.
 You have 7 numbers against you & 6 numbers on your side but we are going to learn how to put the probability on our side, this way we have the advantage & the casino can only watch what we do. We decide which dozens we play & which numbers we cover.

We can find numbers that are less likely to come up because of knowledge of what happens in the roulette game results in real life.
If you just played this system by just randomly picking 6 numbers each time in the long run you would be down because of the extra number the casino has over you.

 It would be interesting to see by how much, how much of a difference would one number make, and how long is it going to take for that extra number to take effect.
 So you can see how you have an equal chance of winning it now comes down to your self control & the decision's you make about which numbers have more of a chance of not coming out.

This is where it is good to know that 19 numbers will only come out one time in the first 25 spins, but we also know that 5 numbers will come out twice or more in that same 25 spins. 
Another roulette tip we can use is where the ball landed last will it stay there or go away on the next spin (check older posts for this) this would make those numbers good to miss out, there are lots of small roulette tips you can use to your advantage so that 2 or 3 numbers have a lot less chance of coming out changing the roulette odds to about 4 numbers against us & 6 on our side, all based on great advice in deleting numbers from our original 7 to around only 4 bad numbers all this you can learn from me in other posts.

The point I want to make here is you can win but you must know all the rules for & against you & how you think and your self control.
One of the biggest problems you will have to master, is  YOU.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

free roulette systems that beat the house odds

  How do you change the roulette odds into your favor.
Is it possible to do ? These free roulette systems I have that beat the house odds are not an amazing invention, but just a new way of looking at the same problem. You hear the same old thing "roulette odds (5.26 % )

It's time to work out ways to change the roulette odds so they help us win roulette. But how would you do this ? you can not remove roulette numbers to beat the house odds. You need a free roulette system with this already done for you.

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Roulette System 1: "3 spins after a Double".

Roulette System 2: "2 Streets".

Roulette System 3: "6 Color with Dozens/Rows".

Roulette System 4: "1/2 Wheel Strategy".

Roulette System 5: "2 Dozens 6 numbers".

  I have a couple of idea's on how to change the roulette odds.

On the roulette wheel the last place the ball landed is a good place to miss out next time you spin the ball
So if the roulette ball is leaving a section where there are 3 2nd dozen numbers then would it be a good ideal to miss that dozen out because the roulette odds must increase more for the other 2 dozens.

Yes it could still land in that same dozen by hitting one of the other same dozen numbers, but after a certain amount of times doing this.
The odds must start to go in your favor. I mean if one dozen always has 2 or 3 numbers less that the others dozens it stands to reason that this must help you as long as you are good at picking when the roulette ball stays & leaves a section.

     Free online roulette winning systems

You must know what can make your roulette winning systems lose.
What will you do when this happens.
 You don't want to lose money every spin & have to wait for a certain event to happen to get it back, only to find that event did not happen.

You must rely on information on roulette that is real, this information is what you base your roulette betting decisions on, if it is wrong information, then you will lose.

Self control is one of the biggest problems you will have to master, you really need to know yourself.

              how to beat a roulette wheel
You must know where all the numbers are on the roulette wheel where are the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dozen numbers knowing this is, how to beat a roulette wheel, by knowing where all the different groups of numbers are, & especially what the 2 main things the roulette ball will do. What you can expect to happen in 37 spins of the roulette wheel.

      how to beat and win the roulette
Just like any thing you try you must know the rules to play roulette & get good at them, your self control is one of the most important rules to get right, this is how to beat and win the roulette, it is so important especially when things are not going your way.

The way you think can change how your night ends up, you need a strategy to follow & you must be disciplined in your decision

Thursday, April 21, 2011

how to win money at casinos

How to win money at casinos

The best way to win money at casino's is to be good at the game you play.
You need to know the rules of how the game of roulette works.
Believe only proven roulette tips, there is a lot of bad roulette information out there, you need to play with only the truth of what happens in certain roulette events.
You need a system, not just luck.
You need a plan of what to do in different situations.

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The secret to beating online roulette
You can win and people do they just don't use the secret of stopping when you are ahead. They say that roulette gambling is all random, so if you win money at casino's, you were lucky, but would that not also apply to the casino when they win. I know that with all the bets placed at the same time on the same roulette table that only a small percent of people win on that spin. My point is some body won.
I see people win, the biggest problem is not winning at roulette, but keeping it in your pocket, it's not a question of do people win it's a question of your self control.

Rules of roulette
Take your winnings home spend some of it before you come back, because most people come back.
You don't have to play every spin, the more spins you have the less you master the probability of roulette
the more you lose the more you have to get back, you don't want to get caught in the dead end situation of trying to get a large loss back, because you will start to bet really stupidly, you panic, you get mad you lose.
Don't drink too much.
Have a good sleep, be alive.
A very very important rule of roulette, one of the most important secrets to playing roulette is don't believe what most people say about roulette use your brain, the game of roulette believes that 2 + 2 = 7 & next time it = 9, where you believe every time it = 4, understand this & you will not get caught in the dead end traps.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

winning roulette strategy

I have a winning roulette strategy for you to use Free
Lets get some thing straight first, I did not over hear this winning roulette system from some one who was dying.

This has not been a secret that I am finally going to share with the world.
The winning strategy roulette plan 
I have was not something I got for an amazing large amount of money, & will only share with a select few.
This roulette winning strategy is not going to cost you any money at all.
The winning roulette systems that I will show you are free.

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Roulette Analyzer Software - How to use it.
This is not a free online roulette winning system that you can get off the Internet in one easy search.
But what it is, is a well thought out winning roulette strategy that makes perfect sense.

This winning Roulette strategy will not let you win every time. It's not a magic pill it has as it should a chance for the casino to win, there must always be a chance of losing or you are just kidding yourself. You will not lose chips every bet this winning roulette strategy has been designed so you do not lose every spin and then have to get it back from your wins.

You make decisions on where you will bet on the roulette table, but most importantly where the safe places for your bad numbers are.
You can decide not to bet on a game or 2 this roulette system is all about getting the probability on your side.
Did you know that where the ball landed last is a place that I have found it only comes back to a small amount of the time, yes I know sometimes the ball stays in one section but most of the time it goes away from where it landed last, you just have to decide which it is doing now.
The casino wins because of the extra number it has on it's side we are going to change that so You are going to have 6 numbers on your side and 5 numbers against you.

The main winning roulette strategy you have to learn is where the roulette ball is NOT going to go, we are only talking a 2-3 number section, once you can master that you are going to have a great advantage over the roulette table & the casino.

But don't think you will just walk up to the roulette table and win big then walk away.
There are going to be times when it is easy and times when you have to be patient remember this all comes down to which set of numbers come up more, even though you have the advantage it just won't be easy every time if it was then this winning roulette system would have a big floor in it.
You have to be realistic, there are no free lunches there must be something that at some stage makes it hard to win or you have over looked some thing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it possible to play roulette for a living

Before it is possible to play roulette for a living.

You must Master Yourself & the game of Roulette.
You are best to try and play Roulette as a hobby part time until you find out if you have the self control and skill level to make a living from playing Roulette.

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                Making a living playing roulette

You will need a plan of how you will play roulette.
You will need to know what the truth is when playing.

What really happens when you play Roulette.
What is possible & what is impossible.

You will need a bank roll to get you thought the bad spins.

                            You are to Blame for Losing

You have to realize that you can only blame yourself when things go wrong.
You decide when to play & what to bet on & if you are going to get mad because you had a loss.
Things will happen that may make you think that it's not possible for them to happen but they do.
You have to work on yourself and be honest about it.
Sometimes it will be very easy to win other times nothing you do will be right you have to accept this as part of what happens when you play Roulette for a living.

I have been playing Roulette for a very long long time I know lots and lots of secrets, I have the self control but I do not think it is possible to play roulette for a living unless you master the above problems.

Its like anything you learn it takes time to get good at it and to get the right skill level, but it is possible.

Have a look around my site & you will find very interesting things that will help you learn, remember you have to be honest about what happens & how you react to it. You need to learn about what happens when you play roulette.

No one can make a living playing roulette if they do not know what happens in 37 spins you need to know the events that happen a lot. 

Did you know: That not all numbers come out in 37 spins a certain amount of numbers double not the same numbers.

For one color to come out in a long row is an event that happens not very often, but when it does it was its time to come up, the problem is people think this can not carry on and they bet against it this is where I have seen a lot of people risk large amounts of chips chasing this event, only to find it takes a long time before it stops.
"Why" because it was it's time to happen.

This is one of the secrets that you must learn.

One long run of a color may only have a 2% chance of happening but it will happen people see it and think this can not last but this is the 2% of the time that this event doses happen you must understand this to be on your way to play roulette for a living.

The question is it possible to play roulette for a living depends on you, your skill level and your roulette belief's.

Mathematics of the roulette wheel

The Casino advantage of 5.26%. 
has a Question you need to answer
The mathematics of the roulette wheel
needs to consider this.
If the roulette wheel after every 37 spins 
has 12 numbers that do not come out,
then has every number had an 
equal chance of coming out?

When you play on an American Roulette table 
or a European wheel, the casino online 
best odds are what you want.
We know that.

In every 37 spins 
1/3rd of the numbers will not come out.
So would you not have to change 
the way you work out the odds ?
Questions for the Mathematics 
of the roulette wheel.
They say every number has an equal 
chance of coming out on every new spin
of the roulette wheel.
Every number may have an equal chance, 
when you work it out with maths, 
but when you play the game it is different.

Think about this, if every number has an 
equal chance of coming out on the next spin, 
then why do we not have a lot more of 
the results showing numbers coming out 
5, 6, or 7 or more times? every 37 spins.

It's because every number has an equal 
chance of coming out but they don't, 
you only have to watch the spins to see 
you get a certain amount of numbers 
coming out 1 time in 37 spins, and you 
have numbers about 12 that do not come 
out at all, in every 37 spins.

Now because 12 numbers will not come out
this gives the other numbers more of an 
advantage of coming out, this is why you see
doubles & trebles in every 37 spins. 

The only difference is how many of each 
different category. So the Mathematics of the 
roulette wheel is right in maths language, 
but when you play, in real life, it's a different reality.

Now if we are going to get in every 37 spins.
Numbers that will not come out, then we 
know that in every new lot of 37 spins,
12 numbers have no chance at all, because 
you will get 12 numbers not coming out, 
every time or an amount close to that.

In every 37 spins you will get:
*12 numbers not out.
*17 numbers will come out 1 time only.
which leaves doubles or trebles.
*(these numbers will change with in 5 or 
so numbers, for each new lot of 37 spins.)

If you picked one of the 12 numbers 
that will not come out, then you would 
have a 0% chance of winning.

Now if 12 numbers do not come out, 
then some of the other 25 numbers left 
must come out twice or more. 
All these numbers have twice as much chance.

Also of the first 25 numbers that come out 
you will find that about 17 numbers only 
come out once, so if you keep playing that 
number, after it came out the 1st time, then 
for the rest of the 37 spins you will have 
0% chance of it coming out at all.

How should we use maths in Roulette?
I think we can all agree that Albert Einstein
was and will always be better than me 
at maths, and he said the only way to win 
at roulette was to reach over the table and 
steal the money.

I think the reason he was no good at roulette 
was because he used Mathematics of the 
roulette wheel, which did not take into 
consideration what I have just been talking 
about, and he would have been playing 
every single spin.

Think about this I play Roulette with skills 
that I have learned from over 20 years of 
playing, I have tested idea's and I can go 
to the casino and win 9 out of 10 times 
with the loss not taking all my winnings.

 When I play I know the Zero can be a
hot number and come out, up to 4 times 
in 37 spins, or it could be a cold number 
and not come out at all for 4 lots of 
37 spins (148 spins) or it could just come 
out it's normal 1 in about 37 spins.

I know when I play I will gets losses in 
that night, but I play with the best odds 
I can in my favor I use all the tips and 
the best strategy I know and
most importantly I have great Self Control.

I can either risk chips on a bet and if it dose
not win I have to take this loss from my wins
or I can bet where I only have a win or loss 
depending on what numbers come up.

This way I could play 10 spins and my 
winning numbers did not come up, but I 
never lose a single chip, because of the 
way I placed my bets.

I play a system where you are only 
trying to find 4 numbers that will NOT 
come out on the next spin. 

These numbers are found by using tips 
I know on what makes a number less 
likely to come up then it comes down 
to if the roulette ball hits a winning 
number or a losing number.

They say the ball is not influenced by 
previous events & this will not influence 
future events.

Now the mathematics of the roulette wheel 
have to be carefully thought about before 
you decide what information you use for 
your equation's the probability of winning, 

the changes in the Roulette odds the changes 
in the gambling odds, understanding betting 
odds in the games of probability depending 
on what you believe you will be basing these 
belief's on trying to beat the probability 
games that you play.

An easy way to see if you are using information 
that is wrong is to see what your winning 
results are like.
You want the casino odds and the mathematics 
of the roulette wheel on your side, be prepared 
to change what you think .

Monday, April 04, 2011

betting dozens at roulette

The best way I have found of winning, when betting on dozens at a roulette table or online, is playing a System called "2 Dozens 6 numbers" or a Strategy called "Predicting Winning Numbers".
Predicting Winning Numbers (18 Numbers)

I will show you the 2 Dozens 6 numbers Strategy in this video below

2 Dozens 6 numbers Strategy


The Nuts & Bolts of "how this System works"

There are 7 numbers that can make you lose 
& 6 numbers that you can win with.

We find numbers that have a small chance 
of coming out, and use these as our bad numbers,
this gives our 6 straight up bets an advantage
over the 7 bad numbers.

We stay in the same Dozen until the ball lands
in that Dozen, we always bet on the 6 most likely
numbers to come up.

You win or lose 18 chips, So we just have to win
1 more game than we lose.

The biggest advantage we have is the 
Roulette Analyzer Software.
The software puts all numbers into different categories, 
this lets us pick reasons why a number will 
not come out on the next spin, increasing out 
chances of winning, when the ball lands in that Dozen.


2 Dozens 6 numbers With a Recouping System 

2 Dozens 6 numbers Using the Blocks

to miss out your bad numbers.

When the ball is Missing Wheel Section D & the same time missing out Street Number 1 
then miss the Block called 1.
Miss Wheel section D & Block 1
 When the ball is Missing Wheel Section C & the same time missing out Street Number 3
then miss the Block called 2
Miss Wheel section C & Block 2

 When the ball is Missing Wheel Section A & the same time missing out Street Number 1 
then miss the Block called 5

Miss Wheel section A & Block 5


Betting ONLY on the Last Dozen out.

In this system which ever Dozen, just came out
we bet on again.
We kept following the last dozen out until
the same dozen doubles.

When the other 2 Dozen come out 
you get all your bet back.

If Zero comes out you lose 18 chips.
You can bet on Zero. Then you win 18 chips.

There are 3 Rows, the row that just came out
we don't bet on these 4 numbers, they will
make us lose 18 chips.

Now there are 2 more rows left we cover 4 numbers
with 4 straight up bets, and split the other 4 numbers.

The game becomes a Cat & Mice, we want our
numbers when the same Dozen doubles to win
we can decide which numbers are more likely
to come out by using the Roulette Analyzer

A win or a loss both win or lose 18 chips.

actual roulette spin numbers

actual roulette spin numbers that I played live in a casino.
To read them in order go top to bottom then left to right.
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how is roulette wheel laid out

The European Roulette Wheel with a single Zero

How many numbers on a roulette wheel

This is how the roulette wheel is laid out. The roulette wheel number sequence is a mixture of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dozens with a total of numbers on the roulette wheel which equals 37 numbers. 
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This is a standard single zero roulette wheel diagram

Roulette Wheel Numbers

There are 37 numbers including Zero. Every second number is a different color, Red or Black.
There are 3 groups of 12 numbers and one Zero 
1st Dozen (Small 1-12) 2nd Dozen (Medium 13-24) 3rd Dozen (Big 25-36)

If we remove all the other numbers, what has a roulette wheel got left to show us, well you can see where only the 1st Dozen,  or the 2nd Dozen,  or the 3rd Dozen numbers are.

This is where the 3rd Dozen numbers on the Roulette wheel are. 
 The Third Dozen numbers are the big numbers 25 to 36
The big black numbers are around the left hand side of the wheel.
The big Red numbers are around the Right hand side of the wheel, in a very tight group.

The 2nd dozen Numbers on the Roulette wheel, are, numbered from 13 to 24

8 of the 12 Middle Dozen numbers are grouped in pairs, 2 numbers in a row, 6 of the pairs have a 2 number gap then 2 more numbers.
The number 15 &19 are next to each other, same with the (18 & 22) and the (14 & 20) and the (16 & 24).
There is a 9 number section with no Middle numbers in it starting from the number 18 to the Zero.

 This is where the 1st Dozen numbers are on the Roulette wheel, they are numbered from 1 to 12.
The left side of the roulette wheel has all the red numbers and the right side of the wheel has all the black numbers.


Most people have know idea where the numbers are on the wheel.

They just pick numbers randomly or play favorite numbers, birthdays etc, what they don't realize is these numbers will win and they will lose, depending on when they play them, for example if you watched 37 spins this is enough spins for all the numbers to come out 1 time each.

You would find that 12 numbers will not come out, 17 numbers will only come out 1 time and the remaining numbers will come out 2 or 3 times, to make up for the numbers that did not come out at all.

This will not just happen sometimes, it happens every time you spin the wheel 37 times.

The a mount of numbers in each category will change but not by much, this is something you will notice a lot, if you play roulette.

Most people lose because they just pick a number and hope, they have no education about roulette I have an educational news letter that teaches everything about roulette, that I have learnt in the last 20 years of playing.

I see people win, I see people lose, the 2 most important mistakes I see, is they have know idea how the game is played and they have No Self Control.