Monday, April 04, 2011

betting dozens at roulette

The best way I have found of winning, when betting on dozens at a roulette table or online, is playing a System called "2 Dozens & 6 numbers".

I will show you the 2 Dozens and 6 numbers Strategy in this video below

2 Dozens & 6 numbers Strategy


The Nuts & Bolts of "how this System works"

There are 7 numbers that can make you lose 
& 6 numbers that you can win with.

We find numbers that have a small chance 
of coming out, and use these as our bad numbers,
this gives our 6 straight up bets an advantage
over the 7 bad numbers.

We stay in the same Dozen until the ball lands
in that Dozen, we always look for numbers, on the next spin,
that are very unlikely to come out, because of a good reason .

You win or lose 18 chips.

If either of the other 2 Dozens come out, you will get all your bet back, that's better than a loss.

If Zero comes out you lose 18 chips.
You can bet on Zero. Then you win 18 chips.


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