Sunday, August 21, 2005

Winning at Roulette

The first thing you need to fully understand is  what controls where the ball lands.
Why does the ball some times stay away from your numbers and other time hits them one after another 
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Roulette Analyzer Software - How to use it.
Why does the roulette ball not land on a number for over 1 hour

In this video is the key point of Roulette,
Where does the Roulette ball land, understand why this happens
and you will not expect anything to have to happen, and you will understand why strange looking events, do happen.

The next video is the main plan I use

How to win at Roulette 2 Dozen 6 number plan.

That video lets you go after 6 different numbers,
while changing the odds into our favor
Also you will not lose chips on every spin.

       Roulette strategy systems plans.
There is know 1 plan you can use that will work 100% of the time, there is always some thing that will make it lose. You must know what this is and what you will do when this happens.
 I will show you lots of different systems to play.
The key is knowing which plan to use.
The systems you learn from me will lose & win depending on when you use them.
Most of these plans you will attack and not lose any chips after each spin, Unless the couple of bad numbers come up, 
I do NOT double up each time I lose.
I keep control of any losses, I have Recouping plans to get back small amounts of chips this keeps losses down until a win comes, this way you will not be paying out most of your win back to the losses you had.
  Winning and losing
The reality is you will not win every time you go to the casino
It's not possible.
                                Work out your win rate
Each time you go gambling write down your profit & loss compare these over 20 different nights, what is your win/loss rate ?

I don't think it is possible to win every time you gamble.
Just think about that, if it was the casinos would not last, you have to accept there will be losses.
Now this is important because what you do when you have losses effects your over all win/loss rate some times its better to stop come back when you are fresh and that period of gambling is over.

There are only a certain amount of situations that can happen
1: You Win
2: You Lose
3: You break even
You win
1: A little
2: A lot
You Lose
1: A little
2: A lot
It's like driving down the road you will get green lights, and red lights.  Its not until you add these up that you will see if you are ahead or not.
When you are having a bad night how much extra do you lose from bad bets from trying to get your money back because you were angry, it might be better to stop and go home.
This way you will have money to go back with.

What are you like when you lose ? How is your self control ? Do you lie to your self about the night do you justify what happened or are you realistic.

Where do you need to improve your game, what can you do better what parts of your game should you not do, which systems are you not good at what are you good at.

Just remember any one who tries some thing will not be as good at the start compared with after a lot of practice. You need to learn what to do and what not to do.
So how do you win
There are only a couple of ways you can play
1: Just place bets where you think the winning numbers will come up if you are wrong you have to get these losses back from future wins.
You need to be right more than you are wrong.
What are you basing the way you pick your numbers on. A feeling ? some thing that you think will happen ?

2: Favor numbers, here you rely on luck, don't forget 13 numbers will not come out in every 37 spins are your numbers some of them. Also your numbers will win and lose.

3: With a system as long as the system works long term, not just for a while, there must be some thing that Will stop your system do you know what it is

What will you do when this happens ?
4: Recouping just means bets with small risk that get back a couple of chips to keep the losses down, not something you could use long term as a plan.

So how do you play ? Do you have the kitty to get you through, do you know how much you need.

Mistake 1
Where will the ball land ?
 This is the biggest problem Roulette player’s face, where will the ball land think of this from the balls point of view.

Here is the ball minding its own business then it is picked up and flicked around the outside of the wheel while the bottom part of the wheel is spinning at a different speed in the opposite direction.

As the force on the ball slows down there are now 2 different things that can happen to the ball.

1: It will hit one of the steel diamond shaped bits of metal that are spaced all around the wheel in between the top and bottom half of the wheel.

2: Or it will miss the diamonds causing it to land on a different number in a different part of the wheel, than it would have.

The ball must pass thru this area so it can land on a number.

So with this in mind the ball does not know it has landed on a number, the ball does not know anything about numbers, or how many times it landed in the same place, it just stops because there is no more force on it.

If you are a number on the wheel and you want the ball to land on you there is nothing you can do about it, you just get what you get and in the next lot of 37 spins you may get hit more or less than last time.

Just because the number 7 has not been out for 50 spins, this does not mean it will come out soon. Remember the ball just stops because there is no more force on it.

If the number 13 has just come up it can come up again because the ball just stops because there is no more force on it.

                               Mistake 2
Random Betting vs. betting strategy

When betting you have two choices

                                    Random Betting

You just put out your chips where you think the ball will land if you are right you win if you are wrong you lose. Each new bet you have losses from the last spin to win back.
This way every game you lose unless your winning numbers come up, the question is how good are you at picking the right number row or color?

                                   Betting strategy

You place bets in a way so that only certain numbers can make you win or lose but if any other numbers come up you will not lose any chips.
So that spin has cost you nothing.

If you are good at picking winning numbers and you can win more than you lose then I don’t think you would be reading this.
If you are like most of us then you can use all the helpful tips you can get.

The 5 free systems I have for you are designed so you either win or lose, and any neutral games cost you nothing, remember if you bet 7 chips and lose 7 games you are down 49 chips, after this you will get caught in the silly betting trap to try to get your losses back.

The fear can make you; make bad betting decisions to try getting your money back.

The idea is to keep your losses down so when you win, more of your win is going to your Profit.

You can never tell for certain what number is going to come up next, but if it does not cost you any chips every time then this is a great technique to use to keep you in the game.

Secret 1
 What the wheel tells us about the ball

It’s best to make decisions on which plan to use and when to use them, depending on what the wheel is doing.

You are best to play a system based on the only real information you can rely on.
This is what the wheel can tell us, we want something that happens 9 out of 10 times.

If you divide the wheel into 6 parts you will find only 2 things can happen
1: The ball will leave the section it is in on the next spin or
2: It will stay in the same section.

These sections have 6 numbers approx in them, not counting Zero and Double Zero; it’s just a guide, so it’s not that important.

You can’t know for certain, if it will stay or leave, but with practice you will get better, if not do not use this.

How this would work, if you know the ball is leaving the last section it was in then use one of the 5 plans where the bad numbers ( the losing numbers ) are in that section.

You can never know where the ball will go; the question is how good are you at predicting where the ball will not go.

This is just to help you keep the losing spins as low as possible, try this out by not using this, see if there is any different.

If you look at the last numbers out you will see if the ball is going away from that section of 6 numbers or not just try it, it costs nothing to try and if it does not work for you, then don’t use it.

Which way are you better at,
When you play with this or when you just play the way you play ?

Play the way you are best at.
 Mistake 3
 Self control
        Self control this is a very easily forgotten secret, but it plays a huge part in your gambling this decides how much you win at the end of the night.

People do win at Roulette they just don’t keep it.
Some win by luck or a system they can win at the start or the end of the night

But how many go home and think “If only I had left when I was up 100 chips
But unfortunily you wanted to make another 20 chips or were just trying to get back up to 200 chips what Eva the reason at some stage, Self control
was your only friend, a friend to help get you home with your money or to get you off the computer to stop you from playing that one last spin.

This is something very hard to fix depending on your personality
I have seen it a hundred times people making lots of money enjoying the buzz and later on I see them with nothing.

Not everyone can control themselves even when they know that self control is the problem, how are you in this situation ?

You must learn self control you can’t have someone there holding your hand because you will cheat and lie to get back to the table you have to do this with a willing mind you must know when to stop.

One thing you could try would be to control yourself for one spin, don’t play it, and then increase it.

Try different things in your normal life to make you stop and wait before doing it, then increase it 2 then 3  minutes until you are in control and you make the decision because you want to not because you have to.

This can only be good for you.
Secret 2 
What happens in 37 spins?
Is Roulette Really Random
They say Roulette is unpredictable it’s all random Well there are parts of Roulette that the same events happen over and over again.
 No you can’t tell which number will come out.
But you can set traps for numbers and pick from a smaller group of likely numbers because certain things happen in every 37 spins.

If you play 37 spins that lets every number (single Zero table) have the same chance of coming out.
After the 37th spin you will find 9 out of 10 times that about 13 numbers didn’t come out at all. Test this yourself.
Since about 13 numbers didn’t come out then other numbers must take their place this means some numbers come out twice or more in the 37 spins.
You will find about 5 numbers double before the 25 spin.

 If we know that 13 numbers will not come out, then at game 25 there are 12 spins left.
You count up the numbers that have not come out yet are there more than 12 numbers because only 12 spins left and only 12 numbers can come out there will be 2 different groups of numbers at this point the numbers that have come out and the numbers that have not come out.
Test this yourself. If we know that 13 numbers will not come out after the 37 spins and we only have 12 spins left, then reason would tell us that if there are 20 numbers not out then about 7 from this group should come out.
So this gives us an idea of which group of numbers to pick our numbers from.
Don’t forget to miss out the numbers that are in the last section that the ball was in; if you believe that this section will not come up.
Would this make your hit rate higher?