Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cold Numbers that are warm they didn't come out in this 37 spins

In every 37 spins 

you will get close to 13 numbers 

not coming out, this is not maybe 

it is a Fact.

The question is when do these numbers come out?

Well I have the answer, some will become very cold numbers and most of them will come out in the next 37 spins.
Of the numbers that have not come out not all will come in the next 37 spins, but you will get some that Double or Treble, if there are a lot more than 13 number not out then don't expect most of them to come out, always think that you have only 13 cold.

Friday, January 15, 2016

My Roulette Analyzer Software can now find between 9 to 14 numbers that will defiantly come out in the next 37 spins, that's about 1 win in every 4 spins on average.

And after you win from these the software gives you another 9 to 14 winning numbers, for the next 37 spins.

How is this possible?

After all my many, many hours of researching every possible way of finding winning numbers using the Roulette Analyzer, I have find a way to know in the next 37 spins which 9 to 14 numbers will come out, some will Double & some will Treble, a couple will not come out.

When that 37 spins has finished the Roulette Analyzer gives you the next 14 numbers.

Watch the demo ...