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how is roulette wheel laid out

The European Roulette Wheel with a single Zero

How many numbers on a roulette wheel

This is how the roulette wheel is laid out. The roulette wheel number sequence is a mixture of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dozens with a total of numbers on the roulette wheel which equals 37 numbers. 
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This is a standard single zero roulette wheel diagram

Roulette Wheel Numbers

There are 37 numbers including Zero. Every second number is a different color, Red or Black.
There are 3 groups of 12 numbers and one Zero 
1st Dozen (Small 1-12) 2nd Dozen (Medium 13-24) 3rd Dozen (Big 25-36)

If we remove all the other numbers, what has a roulette wheel got left to show us, well you can see where only the 1st Dozen,  or the 2nd Dozen,  or the 3rd Dozen numbers are.

This is where the 3rd Dozen numbers on the Roulette wheel are. 
 The Third Dozen numbers are the big numbers 25 to 36
The big black numbers are around the left hand side of the wheel.
The big Red numbers are around the Right hand side of the wheel, in a very tight group.

The 2nd dozen Numbers on the Roulette wheel, are, numbered from 13 to 24

8 of the 12 Middle Dozen numbers are grouped in pairs, 2 numbers in a row, 6 of the pairs have a 2 number gap then 2 more numbers.
The number 15 &19 are next to each other, same with the (18 & 22) and the (14 & 20) and the (16 & 24).
There is a 9 number section with no Middle numbers in it starting from the number 18 to the Zero.

 This is where the 1st Dozen numbers are on the Roulette wheel, they are numbered from 1 to 12.
The left side of the roulette wheel has all the red numbers and the right side of the wheel has all the black numbers.


Most people have know idea where the numbers are on the wheel.

They just pick numbers randomly or play favorite numbers, birthdays etc, what they don't realize is these numbers will win and they will lose, depending on when they play them, for example if you watched 37 spins this is enough spins for all the numbers to come out 1 time each.

You would find that 12 numbers will not come out, 17 numbers will only come out 1 time and the remaining numbers will come out 2 or 3 times, to make up for the numbers that did not come out at all.

This will not just happen sometimes, it happens every time you spin the wheel 37 times.

The a mount of numbers in each category will change but not by much, this is something you will notice a lot, if you play roulette.

Most people lose because they just pick a number and hope, they have no education about roulette I have an educational news letter that teaches everything about roulette, that I have learnt in the last 20 years of playing.

I see people win, I see people lose, the 2 most important mistakes I see, is they have know idea how the game is played and they have No Self Control.

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