Wednesday, April 27, 2011

free roulette systems that beat the house odds

  How do you change the roulette odds into your favor.
Is it possible to do ? These free roulette systems I have that beat the house odds are not an amazing invention, but just a new way of looking at the same problem. You hear the same old thing "roulette odds (5.26 % )

It's time to work out ways to change the roulette odds so they help us win roulette. But how would you do this ? you can not remove roulette numbers to beat the house odds. You need a free roulette system with this already done for you.

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Roulette System 1: "3 spins after a Double".

Roulette System 2: "2 Streets".

Roulette System 3: "6 Color with Dozens/Rows".

Roulette System 4: "1/2 Wheel Strategy".

Roulette System 5: "2 Dozens 6 numbers".

  I have a couple of idea's on how to change the roulette odds.

On the roulette wheel the last place the ball landed is a good place to miss out next time you spin the ball
So if the roulette ball is leaving a section where there are 3 2nd dozen numbers then would it be a good ideal to miss that dozen out because the roulette odds must increase more for the other 2 dozens.

Yes it could still land in that same dozen by hitting one of the other same dozen numbers, but after a certain amount of times doing this.
The odds must start to go in your favor. I mean if one dozen always has 2 or 3 numbers less that the others dozens it stands to reason that this must help you as long as you are good at picking when the roulette ball stays & leaves a section.

     Free online roulette winning systems

You must know what can make your roulette winning systems lose.
What will you do when this happens.
 You don't want to lose money every spin & have to wait for a certain event to happen to get it back, only to find that event did not happen.

You must rely on information on roulette that is real, this information is what you base your roulette betting decisions on, if it is wrong information, then you will lose.

Self control is one of the biggest problems you will have to master, you really need to know yourself.

              how to beat a roulette wheel
You must know where all the numbers are on the roulette wheel where are the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dozen numbers knowing this is, how to beat a roulette wheel, by knowing where all the different groups of numbers are, & especially what the 2 main things the roulette ball will do. What you can expect to happen in 37 spins of the roulette wheel.

      how to beat and win the roulette
Just like any thing you try you must know the rules to play roulette & get good at them, your self control is one of the most important rules to get right, this is how to beat and win the roulette, it is so important especially when things are not going your way.

The way you think can change how your night ends up, you need a strategy to follow & you must be disciplined in your decision


chill said...

I mean if one dozen always has 2 or 3 numbers less that the others dozens it stands to reason that this must help you as long as you are good at picking when the roulette ball stays & leaves a section. roulette

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