Wednesday, March 30, 2011

long runs of one color & the best Strategy to play

2% of the time you will get a long run of one color & the best strategy to play is not played, by most players.

Most players think this pattern will not last, because they are used to seeing the pattern one black then one red 

two blacks then two reds etc... 

When one color comes out in a long run 
this only happens a small amount of time.

But it does happen 
and when it does people bet against it.
Long Color Runs Tip:

The way I think about this is that 
this event happens a small amount of time 
but when it dose it is better to go with it.

What I mean is if red and black in any combination
you can think of comes out 98% of the time.

Then the event that only happens 2% of the time 
like long runs of one color, will happen at some point 
so why go against it.

let me explain.
When roulette players see a lot of one color
Most players bet against it and keep increasing
their bet until the pattern breaks.

You can be wrong and lose a lot of money.

Here is what I do
I bet with it because if we say 2% of the time
this event happens (a lot of one color)

Then at some point this event must happen.
And right now is that time.

But you are betting against it and this could cost
You a couple of hundred chips.
Because you believe the pattern must break.

Try doing this Roulette Betting Secret

 If you bet with what is happening say Red is 
coming up and its the long streak where the 
whole board is going to be Red.

If the pattern breaks on your 1st bet
then you are only down that one bet.

If the pattern keeps going & you win every spin.
You could increase your bet for a few spins 
from the chips you just won 
so you are only risking your 1st bet and then 
betting the casinos money.

        Another Great Roulette betting Tip

If you place 1 chip say a $25 on the Red color 
that is coming out and if it changes to Black
on your first bet then you are only down that 
$25 chip 
you can win that back.

If the pattern continues & you are winning 
a $25 chip each time.
after the first $25 win it does not matter what 
happens because you are only risking 1 $25 chip.

Also what you could do is on your 2nd $25 chip 
win, just keep putting the winnings back on until 
you are betting $200 per bet which is $200 profit
until the Red color changes how Eva long that is.

You are only risking 1 $25 chip remember 
this event will not happen every time you play.

You have to test this yourself next time 
you notice this happening think if I go with the 
same color what would have happened ?

Its a one time bet then back to what Eva you were 
doing before this happened.

There are other events like this, 
that happen 2% of the time.

The 1st thing you must do is recognize 
when these events are happening, 
how long they normally last, 
and what amounts of each bets you will place.

The three categories that can have long runs are
Old / Even
Red / Black
1 to 18 / 19 to 36

The problem with this way of betting is 
you have to wait & wait for this event to happen.

I have 6 Great roulette systems that I use, 
when the right time to use them comes along.

I use a piece of software to track all the numbers
and I can see when it is best to use each system.

You can learn the 6 systems by watching their 
step by step how to play videos.

You also get 7 days free access to use the software.

The software has a "how good are you when playing test" 
this lets you know where you need to work on 
when you play roulette.


Bogdan said...

Hmm, quite interesting, never thought of such strategies for roulette before. This is definitely something i have to try, thanks !

cresto gasto said...

Nothing is for sure, i ve seen red black ....7 times back to back

Jade Graham said...

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