Monday, March 28, 2011

Half Wheel Bets (18 Numbers)

      Betting on Half of the Wheel(18 Numbers).

I have one thought on this betting strategy.
First you do not know where the ball is going to land for certain.
You need help.
(18 numbers, a 1/2 wheel bet) this makes it harder to work out where the ball will go or will not go, I think in the long run it would be to hard to predict.

There are 4 parts of the wheel 2 parts have 9 numbers.
2 parts share the Zero & have 10 numbers on a single Zero wheel.

Divide the wheel into 4 parts, & you have 6, lots of 18 numbers.
Except if your Sections, includes ("A" & "D") then add the (Zero).

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