Friday, January 10, 2020

Looking for Numbers that won't come out software

If you rank the numbers in 37 spins from 0 to 37 spins, we want to look at the numbers that have not been out more than 10 times.

What I want to find out, is how many numbers will make it pass spin number 11.
How many can we expect to come out in the 1st 10 spins, the numbers that don't come out we will use them for recouping or missing out numbers in the 4 Streets system.

There are only 2 possible outcomes:
The number will come out in 10 or less spins.
The number will not come out, until after 11 spins.

*250 SPINS, These are called Cold Numbers
Number   1 came out 2 times
Number 22 came out 2 times
Number 24 came out 2 times
Number 31 came out 2 times
Number 16 came out 3 times
Number 25 came out 4 times
Number 35 came out 4 times
Number 19 came out 5 times
Number 21 came out 5 times
Number 23 came out 5 times


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