Wednesday, November 23, 2016

3 spins after a Double with a RC updated for 2017

I now have more spins that I will bet on as I have found with my study of real casino visits, it turns out there are 2 more bets, that I should be playing instead of just the 1/2 & 2/3, now I will also play the 1/4 & 2/4.

This means the 1st number out after a double, I bet on it on the 2nd spin (1/2),($1 bet).
The same number I bet again on the next spin (1/3),($1 bet).
The same number I bet again on the next spin (1/4),($1 bet).

The Second number that came out, I bet on the 3rd spin. (2/3),($2 bet).
The same number I bet again on the next spin (2/4),($1 bet).

You will notice that one bet is a $2 chip bet, this is because I have found that this bet wins a lot more than the other bets. (A LOT MORE).

A total of 6 chips, now we will recoup back 1/2 of the 6 chips, using a simple Recouper, I like this RC because you only have 3 numbers that can make you lose a total of 17 chips.

I place 6 chips on the outsides of 2 different dozens, and the other dozen I place 5 split bets, I miss out the Zero unless, I use the 1st dozen for my splits this way I can involve the Zero as a split, but I must still miss out 3 numbers.

I make 1 chip every time I win, all I want to do is have a very safe Recouping system to use with my main plan, I have a lot of different versions of this, but I like only risking 17 chips with a small chance of a loss, but I also have a plan of fixing a loss.

Because I am betting this new way when I get extra wins, that in the old way of playing this system I would not have got.

One win would wipe out 2 losing Recoupers, (17 chips each, 17x2=34) plus I can RC a couple of times and use these wins to fix a losing RC over the next hour or so.

No it's not the best or the fastest system, I am like the Hare & the Tortoise but at the end of the night I have profit or a zero loss, or a loss that I can come back from next time I play, because there will be a next time and I want my kitty to last as long as I can.

I have found by playing the 3 spins after a Double that even thou the average is 1 win in 13 doubles, you can have sessions with only 1 win or some times no wins, its just the way averages work.

On the other hand you can win both wins in 7 Doubles, ( can be more with this new way of betting).

So I wait 5 or 6 double before I play now I have 6 x 6 chip bets that I don't have to place.
I watch 2 different machines and the 1st one that has 5 or 6 doubles that have not been winning Doubles then I start to play, I have waited 6 doubles which means 6x6=36.

I expect in 26 doubles to have 2 wins, now I only have 20 doubles left (we - 6 doubles not played)
also I Recoup 3 chips while waiting for a Double so 20/2=10, I now have 10 doubles that I will finance with $6 bets from my pocket.

I don't know when the winning Doubles will come out for a fact.
I know a small amount of times No wins will come from the old way of betting.
I don't go to far pass the 26 doubles depending on how good I have been with my Recouping, I start the process all over again.

Remember the 2 different machines I was watching at the start I still keep an eye on the one I didn't pick, because he may be ready now to start playing.

But I now just STOP, and go for a walk have a drink and start again.
The danger of keep playing is you will get impatience and start to make dumb decisions, may be increasing your bet and in the end it could be a time where it just didn't come out.

This happens when playing Roulette some times shit happens know when to STOP.
I played one time and the wins were not coming (as I have found with my research a small a mount of time the win will not come) but I knew they would because every other time they did, but I got to the 22nd double and I thought the best thing to do now would be to increase my bet, I mean why wouldn't you, the wins have always happened in the pass, it is a good idea when it works, if you recoup the extra bet money then I would say today go ahead do it be cause if you are wrong you make that extra money to bet with, and this will work most of the time, but not in this story.

So I kept betting knowing that at any moment I would get the wins, but the wins didn't come and I had got up to $10 bets on the doubles, it was exciting but stupid. The wins never came, I was down $400 chips.

I started again and got back, $140 and I thought, if I had not loss control, and just stopped, and started again, I would still have all my kitty, So as a rule which I stick to, I stop very close after the 26th Double and only bet again if I have recouped all the bet, because the problem is that the wins some times do come after the 26th Double and you stopped.

But the best way is to stop and start again encase it is the time that the Doubles don't come out.
Update:1st December 2016---new way of betting & Recouping
I will now bet on 2 more numbers, these are the 1/5 & 2/5 which now has a total of 8 chips per bet, I am Recouping 3 chips each Double so the bet will now cost 5 chips, with 2 extra chances of winning, which these 2 wins can help delete the bet costs, and when the main couple of bets (1/2, 1/3, 2/3) are not coming out these new 2 bets (1/5, 2/5) & the other 2 bets (1/4, 2/4) can still come out in their place.

Recouping I go for 3 chip wins by placing 6 chips on 2 different dozens & 5 chips split on the last dozen. I want the win from this dozen, I will pick my numbers from cold numbers, this way when I get a lost from a cold number coming out, the 1 in 5 ratio win to loss, will be easier to play.
The bet costs 8 chips every Double - the 3 chips Recouped = 5 chips every Double bet.

Reason this System will work:
The new averages since we now have more bets to win on are not 1 in 13, but 1 in 7.
1 win in every 7 Doubles, 7 bets (7x5=35) 1 win (35) but at the start I am waiting 5+ Doubles to come out 1st then I start to play so when the averages kick in and there are now 1 win in every 7 Doubles, the 5 doubles I waited for will give me (5x6=30) 30 chips profit.

Plus all the extra bets that can make me a 35 chip win will help delete Recouping losses.

Update: 12th December: A Problem and a Great Recouper:
Normally you will get 1 winning Double in 7 Doubles.

Winning Doubles (4) All Doubles (21) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 5

Winning Doubles (7) All Doubles (29) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 4
Winning Doubles (7) All Doubles (52) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 5

Winning Doubles (5) All Doubles (26) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 5

Winning Doubles (8) All Doubles (52) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 6

Winning Doubles (4) All Doubles (40) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 10

Winning Doubles (4) All Doubles (26) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 6

Winning Doubles (5) All Doubles (33) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 6

Winning Doubles (6) All Doubles (51) in the photo below: Ratio 1 win in 8

One problem I am finding is that some times the wins take a long time to come out, even thou the averages say you get a win, 1 time in every 7 doubles, it can take a lot of doubles for the ratio to take effect, and when you play 1 session it can be 3 to 5 hrs when you have a small a mount of wins.

50 Doubles and only 3 wins

When this happens I need to either take the loss or change to something else to bet on to get the loss to a small amount and not have to spend, so much time on a losing cause. There is nothing you can do, this event of very few wins will happen, every so often it's just the way numbers come out. The only way I see is to be very good at Recouping, you will get the small wins, and you can have a profit.

I have found the best Recouper to use, this RC wins every time (3 chips) and has the least a mount of numbers to miss (4) these 4 numbers make us lose (33 chips).

This Recouper keeps the betting cost to Zero or very low if you have a couple of RC losses. All you have to master is picking 4 numbers that will not come out on the next spin, and since you must pick one colour this can be great when you see a color pattern that you can follow or you can leave out the 4 numbers from the same dozen, if you notice a pattern you like.

I have many ways to miss out 4 numbers that I am working on now to find which ones I am best at. 

An Interesting discovery: For missing out one number when Recouping:

When you write down the numbers on a roulette card which has 23 places per column, I find that the next column of results and the last one have the same numbers at the same point.
Look at this Roulette card and see the Red 2 dots, these are the same numbers.
How I will use this is I can use this number on the 1st column as a number that will NOT come out on the next spin in the 2nd column, since you don't get this happening a lot then its a good way to find a number that is less likely to come out on the next spin.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Miss 4 numbers of the same colour

The Right Row has 4 black numbers and the middle Row has 4 Red numbers.
I will use this as a RC and a system.

I wait for the pattern a new row each time, when the ball has left the right row I miss out the 4 black numbers (6,15,24,33).

I place 1 chip straight up on every other black numbers and the Zero, this is 15 chips.
I also place 15 chips on the Red box, now if any Red number comes up, I win no extra chips, but I get my bet back.
If Zero or any of the Black numbers except for (6,15,24,33), win then I win 6 chips.

6 chips is not very much money, but I want an easy way to Recoup chips to place on bets, this is where I make my profit.

You can do the same with the middle row but this time using the Red numbers (5,14,23,32).

The bet costs you 30 chips every time, if you win you get 6 chips profit, when you lose you lose 30 chips.
30 divided by 6 is 5, so you only need to win 5 times for every 1 loss.

I want my wins from other bets to get rid of any losses, from this way of Recouping
If you can master this way of Recouping, then you can finance other bets you make.

It's not really missing 4 numbers, because I use different reasons to miss out the 4 numbers.
I don't just use this way to pick my 4 numbers to miss out, because the more you use it the closer you will get to the time when one of the 4 numbers you don't want to come out, comes out.

I have found this with every thing I try, the more you use it, the closer you get to the time it will lose.
So if you can use a lot of different ways to miss out 4 numbers, then you reduce your risk.

And because I use a lot of different ways I am not really missing out 4 numbers, here is an example
the last number out will not always double, where the ball landed last the 2 numbers either side of it do not come up very often.

The last Street the other 2 numbers on that same Street will not come up very often on the next spin.
You may see weird combinations like 1,2,3,4 so how likely would number 5 really be of coming out next.

You get between 0 and 3 doubles in 13 spins, so in the 13 spins there are spins where all these numbers are safe.

The 1st & 2nd numbers, right after a double has come out on average is 1 in 13 times, so these numbers are also safe.

There are lots of ways to find 4 numbers that have a less chance of coming out on the next spin, we really only have to be good enough to have a 1 loss in 8 wins ratio, then this pays for the loss and gives us 12 chips to bet with.

With all these ways to delete 4 numbers you must admit its like having 2 or 3 bad numbers not 4.
Easy way to test this is just randomly, pick 4 numbers to miss out and see how often you are wrong, now try it when you are looking for numbers that you think you have a good reason for them to not come out on your next spin.

If you notice you have a better ratio of wins to loss, then it works.

I like to play my 3 spins after a Double system, you can find it on this blog.
I only place 3 bets each time but I put 2 chips on each number so this will cost me 6 chips,I have these bets on a straight up bet which I will win $70 chips profit, and since I have Recouped the chips for the bet each time or most of the time, most or all of it is profit.

Once you have Mastered the system and the Recouping then all you have to do is increase your chip value, so if you go from $1 chip value to $2 chip value then instead of a $70 chip win you would have a $140 chip win, from 1 win.

Only if you are good at the Recouping and understand how the "3 spins after a Double" system works, and you stick to the rules of it.

I have other systems but I like to start with that one first.

"3 Streets" is another good system to play, its faster, and the bet costs 12 chips each time.
Leave a comment if interested.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Cold numbers from the last 37 spins and when they come out

When you spin the Roulette Wheel 37 times you will always get around 13 numbers that do not come out, this happens every time, try it.

In the next 37 spins you will get most of these numbers coming out, there will be some that double.
This way we know some thing that will happen in the next 37 spins.

In every 37 spins you will get 3 groups
1: Cold numbers about 13
2: Numbers that come out 1 time only
3: Doubles and trebels, if you don't get a trebel then you will have more doubles
4: Cold numbers from the last 37 spins, a couple will stay cold for this 37 spins, also.

When we get closer to the end of 37 spins we can place numbers into different groups, we know 1st the numbers that will come out, these are the numbers that didn't come out in the last 37 spins, remember not all of them this is just a guide, but if you had 13 not out and 10 of these have come out already then the numbers from the spins that are left would go into a different group.

You will also know which numbers that are doubles or trebels because they already have come out twice or more now. So if you have 8 doubles now then it's more likely that you wont get another double with these last few spins, this is not perfect it just gives us an idea of which numbers to pick from for our bets.

Numbers that come out only 1 time can't be a double so if you are close to your double amount out, then you have to see how far away from the 13 cold numbers that you will have at the end of these 37 spins, if there are a lot more than 13 numbers not out and we expect to only have 13 cold at the end, then this means more numbers from the numbers that have not come out yet will come out so use these numbers to bet on.