Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Following one number for only 37 spins

In 37 spins that's enough spins for every number to come out once.

There will be about 13 numbers that did not come out.
You will find about 8 numbers will come out twice or more.
Around 17 numbers come out once.
These results are averages in a small amount of games its a lot higher or lower, but these results happen enough for us to use them.

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You are best to pick 1 number and stay with it for the whole 37 spins.
Your number has 4 out comes that can happen, depending on which spin it wins on.

1: It comes out once. You win max 35 dollars
2: It comes out twice You win max 70 dollars
3: It comes out three times. You win max 105 dollars
4: It never comes out, You lose max 37 dollars

Now start again how many lots of 37 spins can you play in one night.
Have fun.

If you pick a number that will not come out then you are down -37 chips.
If you pick a number that only comes out once then you would be down -2 chips
 (37 spins cost 1 chip each spin = 37 chips, you only win 35 chips 37 - 35 = -2) in this situation you are best to stop as soon as you win, this gives you a profit.
You don't want to stop to soon & miss out on your number coming out 1 or 2 more times before the 37 spins are up.

The goal is to find a number that will come out twice or more, this way you can relax and play while having fun.
There is no correct way to pick a number it's just luck, so how lucky would you be over 3 or 4 lots of 37 spins.
Here are some real roulette results that were played in a real live casino, you can see how many numbers come out & how often, at the end of 37 spins.

Before you look at the roulette results below randomly pick a number for the 6 different cards then have a look on the card to see if your number came up or not, how many cards were you right or wrong.
The pen strokes on the cards tell you how many times they came up.
Roulette card 1

                                                Roulette card 2

                                        Roulette card 3

                                 Roulette card 4

                                  Roulette card 5

                              Roulette card 6

How did you do ? Try a different lot of 6 numbers and do it again.

My picks were:
Game 1 number 6   Results 2 wins Profit +35
Game 2 number 18 Results 0 wins Loss -37
Game 3 number 34 Results 1 wins Loss -1
Game 4 number 12 Results 1 wins Loss -1
Game 5 number 1   Results 2 wins Profit +35
Game 6 number 5   Results 1 wins Loss -1
I got a 30 chip profit for 2 or 3hrs work.

Not a good hourly rate but it's a win.
Also depends on the value of your chips.
Note Important Tip: Some times a number will not come out for over 200 spins if you have finished the first 37 spins and have noticed a number that  falls in to this category be careful that you don't become obsessed with this number & end up chasing it, & never seeing it come up or it comes up 100 chips later.
The best idea is to stay away from that trap. Once you are hooked its very hard to stop.