Friday, April 17, 2020

The Best Roulette Recouping System For 2020

If you keep placing your bet, & each time that bet costs you nothing, at some point your bet will win.

That is the advantage of using my Recouping System, it can help you.

There are 2 main systems, that I use this Recouping system, (RC), when playing, you learn them by, clicking on the links below.
1: 3 Spins after a Double: This system only bets on the 2 numbers that come out after a Double, the bet costs 6 chips the way I play it, I win 70 chips profit, for each win, but you can play it with half the bet (3 chips), but this means you only win half the profit (35 chips).

2: Chasing Streets that haven't been out for 25 spins: this system chases 1 Street, with a 36 chip bet and you win 108 chips profit, when you have 2 winning spins in a row.

Both of these systems have a greater chance of success now, since I have invented the easy (RC) Recouping System, this means when you have a loss, you can now with practice get most or all of your bet back, now that's got to change the advantage for us.
Bet lose (RC), Bet lose (RC), Bet lose (RC) win...

Before I go any further, I want you to know 3 important things:

1: There are 36 losing numbers in every spin, on a single zero table and we only want 4 of them.

2: I have tried every possible way, that I could think of when developing my Recouping system and this is all the best parts rolled into one.

3: Practice is the only way to get good, at anything.

This is how the Recouping System works:

Every Street has 2 chips placed on the outside of the streets, every 2 chips will win 22 chips, we  add the 2 chips bet and you get 24 chips.

24 chips is the cost of the bet at this point.
Zero is not covered, so zero and the 4 numbers means you miss out 5 numbers, theses numbers will make you lose, *30 chips.

After picking your 4 numbers, you now move the 2 chips from the outside, missing that number from that street and place 2, 1 chip straight up bets on the 2 numbers.

Example in above image: The street with the 19, 20, 21, we place a 1 chip straight up bet on the number 19 & 20 because number 21 is 1 of the 4 numbers we will miss out.
Next street 22, 23, 24 we cover the 22 & 23 and miss out the 24.
Next street 25, 26, 27 we cover the 25 & 27 and miss out the 26.
Next street 31, 32, 33 we cover the 32 & 33 and miss out the 31.

Now the bets for the 4 numbers we are missing are done, these 4 numbers and the Zero, if they come out we lose 30 chips.
This now leaves 8 other streets with 2 chips on their outside.

We pick 6 of these 8 streets and add another 1 chip to the 2 chips on the outside making it have 3 chips on the outsides, you decide which 2 streets, don't have 3 chips on them.

That is an extra 6 chips plus the original 24 chips, now the bet costs 30 chips.

Our goal is only to bet 4 winning times, each time you win you make 6 chips profit, 4 x 6 = 24 chips. In the 2nd system, Chasing Streets that haven't been out for 25 spins a loss is 36 chips so minus the 24 we just won leaves only 12 chips as a loss.

If you play the 3 Spins after a Double, then you only need 1 recoup bet, to make your 6 chips.

There are 8 Streets, but only 6 have 3 chips on them, let me explain this.

You can cover all the 8 streets but this means you only make 4 chips profit and the bet will cost you 32 chips, I like to win 6 chips with a 30 chip bet total, it's up to you which way you play.

The problem with my way is there are 2 streets that you lose 6 chips if those 2 streets come up, but There are 10 other streets that can come up, where you win 6 chips, so you have a better chance of a win than a loss and every 6 chip loss is fixed by a 6 chip win, you decide 4 x 6 = 24 or 4 x 4 = 16.

Missing out the Zero or covering it: 

Place 2 chips on the outside of the 1st street, (red cross) this covers 3 numbers 1, 2, 3, the Zero is missed out, you lose if it comes out.

If you place the 2 chips on to the 0, 1, 2 street, now the Zero and the 1 and 2, are covered, this leaves the number 3 as a losing number.
Or place the 2 chips on to the 0, 2, 3 street and this will miss out the number 1.

As you can see, you can change where you place the bet, this way you have the option of missing out either the 0, 1, or 3, the number 2 will always be covered.

This Recouping System relies on picking 4 cold numbers, that will not come out on the next spin.

Here are some of the ways, I use to pick my 4 cold numbers, Which one's will you use?
 1: Using the last 9 results.
 2: The 2 Coldest numbers.
 3: The numbers that are Trebles.
 4: The 2 numbers beside the winning number on the wheel.
 5: Counting from 0 to 36 and missing the number that it matches.
 6: The 2 or 3 numbers, next to each other around the wheel.
 7: 1 Section from the 9, 4 number Sections.
 8: 2 or 3 numbers missed from the same street.
 9: RC 8 chips from 9# results board.
10: Last number out.
11: When a 12 Box number doubles.
12: Where the ball went last time it was on this number.
13: 1 to 4 Streets.
14: 10, 20, 30:( 1, 11, 21, 31).
15: Double becoming a Treble in a row.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Roulette System 2020 Chasing Streets that haven't been out for 25 spins

This System fixes one of the Biggest problems, in roulette, that is, "Will the numbers, you are betting on come out".

This is turning out to be the best system I have created, here is how it works.

First we wait for a Street, that has not been out for 25 spins, this is the street we bet on.
I place 2 chips straight up on each of that Street's 3 numbers.

Now I pick 4 numbers, that I will NOT bet on and every other number has a 1 chip straight up bet.
a total bet of 36 chips, a loss costs you 36 chips and when you win you win 36 chips profit, so straight away that is a great advantage, 1 Win will fix 1 loss and only 4 numbers will give you a loss.

How to place the bet.

33 numbers have a 1 chip straight up bet and the 3 numbers from the street we are betting on have 2 straight up chips on them.
This gives you a profit of 36 chips, only when a number from that Street comes up.

There are 4 numbers that will make you lose 36 chips, you can miss out any 4 numbers you like, But I have certain reasons for the numbers that I miss out and many different ways to find these numbers.
The first way is I miss out the 2 most coldest numbers, now I only need 2 more numbers, this is the most important part of the system, finding the 4 numbers to miss out.

If you use the same technique to miss out a number at some point it will lose, this is why I use many different ways, while I play, when I notice certain events, like 4 numbers from the same street in a row, I would now miss those 3 numbers and I would need 1 more number to miss out, I would only use those numbers for 1 spin.

On the next spin I would look for the 4 most unlikely numbers to come out and use them as my 4 bad numbers.

If you want to win playing this way, you need to be very good at picking the 4 numbers that you don't bet on, and remember there are 36 numbers that will not win on every spin, so that's great news for us, because we only want 4 of them.

This is why the win will come.

In every 37 spins close to 12 numbers will not come out, these are called the "Cold Numbers".
In the next 37 spins, most of those 12 numbers will come out, but not all of them.

Each new lot of 37 spins, you will get more of the cold numbers coming out, until there are no cold numbers left, so if a number stays away for 300 spins, it will not effect us, because we only want one of those 3 street numbers, we are betting on to come out and this gives us a win.

Every Street has 3 numbers, example Street 1: This street has the numbers 1, 2, 3, if these numbers are part of the 12 cold numbers, then you can see that, when a cold number comes out, it will be easy for one of those 3 numbers to be the cold number that came out, it is harder for those 3 numbers to stay cold, not impossible, but hard.

That is the event, I am counting on, now, what I have found is that when a Street has NOT BEEN OUT for 25 spins, it will come out, in one of these 3 color categories.

1: "Green", these are the spins 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
2: "Brown", these are the spins 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39.
3: "Red", these are the spins 40+.....

You will get more wins from the Green and Brown, these are the spins 26 to spin 39. (14 spins).
You do get wins in the Red, but some times the wins come out after 60+ spins.
Don't chase it, this is a bad bet.

This creates a problem, when the Red, has the winning numbers in it, this means you have to bet 14 times, before you know this, because you have to bet though the Green and Brown sections 1st and then you get to the Red section, you still might have to wait for another 14 spins or more, before you get the win.

That's why I stop betting when I get to the Red section,  the 1st 5 spins are Green the next 9 spins are Brown now the 15th spin is the start of the Red section.

Sometimes you can get a couple of Reds, in a row, before the Green or Brown wins, there is no way to change this, it's a fact of life.

The other side of this is, you can get Green and Brown wins 1st, if you get just 2 of the Green or Brown in a row, you have won 3 x 36 = 108 chips, that was just for 2 bets.

Each Red means you have to bet 14 times each, so 2 lots of Reds is 14 x 2 = 28 bets or 28 times you have to pick 4 numbers that you don't want to come out.

The more bets you make, the closer you are to having a loss, that's why I have a recouping system build in, so when you are waiting for your next bet, you can recoup any 36 chips loss you have.

My betting strategy is:

When I get a win of 36 chips, I put that bet back on my next bet, so my 2nd bet still covers 33 numbers, but this time, they all get a 2 chip bet straight up on them and the street, that I am following gets a 4 chip straight up bet on the 3 numbers, this means now I get a 72 chip profit win and only the original 36 bet is my money.

My next bet I take my original 36 chips back and now I an playing with the casinos money so if I lose its not from my kitty.

Listen carefully, every 36 chip bet you will win 36 chips profit.
1 chip goes on 33 numbers as a straight up bet and 1 extra chip goes on each of the 3 numbers on the street you are betting on. ( the street you are betting on is part of the 33 numbers, with the 1 chip straight up bet).

The 1st bet is 36 chips, the 2nd bet is 72 chips, this wins you an extra 72 chips, you now have 144 chips, remove your original 36 chips this leaves 108 chips, now you are playing with the casinos money, you want to be as careful as you can up to this point, so you don't lose your money.

You made 108 chips profit from only 2 winning bets.

If you want to make 648 chips, you need to win 4 bets, in a row with out a loss and then another 3 bets in a row, with out a loss.
This is a total of 7 bets, I find it best to break this into 2 parts, part A and part B.
1st bet 4 times in a row, (part A) stop and then bet 3 more times in a row (part B).

This is how I bet:
(part A)
Bet 1: Bet 36 chips it wins another 36 chips, place these 2 lots of 36 back on the next bet.
Bet 2: Bet 72 chips it wins another 72 chips, You have won 144 chips.

At this point I take back my original bet of 36 chips, now we bet with the Casino's money.

Bet 3: Bet 108 chips it wins another 108 chips, place these 2 lots of 108 back on the next bet.
Bet 4: Bet 216 chips it wins another 216 chips.

STOP: Your Profit is 432 chips  (part A).

We now start the betting for (part B) .
If you now get a loss now, your $432 is safe, it's not part of this bet.

Bet 5: Bet 36 chips it wins another 36 chips, place these 2 lots of 36 on the next bet.

Bet 6: Bet 72 chips it wins another 72 chips, place these 2 lots of 144 on the next bet.

At this point I take back my original bet of 36 chips, now we bet the Casino's money.

Bet 7: Bet 108 chips it wins another 108 chips, profit 216 chips (part B).
(part A) 432 chips + (part B) 216 chips  = 648 chips. 

This 30 chip Recouper will fix most or all of any 36 chip loss.
Know matter how good you are at picking numbers that will not come out, which we use as our 4 cold numbers, at some point, you will get a few losses and instead of waiting for the wins to fix it, you can use this recouper to get you back in profit.

This 30 chip Recouper can be used while you wait for a street to not be out for 25 spins or to recoup a 36 chip loss or part of it.

The 30 chip Recouper makes you 6 chips profit, 5 x 6 = 30 this is close enough to the 36 chips you lossed and it keeps the risk down and it fixes a loss from the 30 chip Recouper.

Missing out the Zero or covering it: 
There are 2 chips on the outside of the 1st street, it has the 3 numbers 1, 2, 3 if you move these 2 chips on to the 0, 1, 2 street, now Zero is covered and the 1 and 2, this leaves the number 3 as a losing number.
You can also move the 2 chips to the 0, 2, 3 street and miss out the number 1.

In this system everything relies on how good you are at finding 3 or 4 numbers that will not come out on the next spin.
REMEMBER there will only be, 1 winning number and 36 losing numbers, you only want 4 numbers that won't win on the next spin.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Looking for Numbers that won't come out software

If you rank the numbers in 37 spins from 0 to 37 spins, we want to look at the numbers that have not been out more than 10 times.

What I want to find out, is how many numbers will make it pass spin number 11.
How many can we expect to come out in the 1st 10 spins, the numbers that don't come out we will use them for recouping or missing out numbers in the 4 Streets system.

There are only 2 possible outcomes:
The number will come out in 10 or less spins.
The number will not come out, until after 11 spins.

*250 SPINS, These are called Cold Numbers
Number   1 came out 2 times
Number 22 came out 2 times
Number 24 came out 2 times
Number 31 came out 2 times
Number 16 came out 3 times
Number 25 came out 4 times
Number 35 came out 4 times
Number 19 came out 5 times
Number 21 came out 5 times
Number 23 came out 5 times

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Counting 12's in the Streets

I want to find 1 or 2 streets that will not come out on the next spin, I need away to know which 2
streets they will be, with the highest probability possible.

I will then use those 2 streets as the numbers, I miss out in my 4 Streets system.

In the image below:
There are 12 Streets, each street has 3 numbers in it. the numbers 1, 2, 3 are called "Street 1", the numbers 4, 5, 6 are called "Street 2", etc... the numbers 34, 35, 36 are called "Street 12".
What we are looking for:
We are counting only Streets that have not come out for 12 spins or more, I call them (12's), we want to know.

What is the minimum & maximum a mount of 12's, NOT coming out at the same time, on this spin, and What is the average a mount of 12's, each spin. When we 1st start counting, every street will start at count "0" then 1 then 2....12, 13, 14,....

Every new spin we add 1 to the a mount of times each street has NOT come out.
When any number comes out, the street that number is in is reset to 0.
When any street gets to 12 spins and it has not been out, it is now called "12's".

The question is as 12's leave and new one's come, how many minimum & maximum and the average, 12's+ do we have at each new spin.
In the above image: 
This is how many 12's came out at the same time. The left column numbers are the a mount of times from 0 to 10 that a number can come out. "Times out" means, how many times

was there 2, 12's out, at the same time = 20. How many times was there 3, 12's out at the same time = 108. The 3rd column 506 results divided by the 2nd column.

In the above image:
These numbers are just from the number 2 Street. Every time the 2 Street came out, these are the Street numbers, that came out, on the next spin.

In the above image:

The left column is the street numbers.
The right column is the frequency of all the streets that came out, only after the number 2 street came out first.
We want to know if all streets come out after every other street, including the same street coming out after it has already been out.

In the above image:

This shows what we are looking for. Any Street that has not come out, for 12 of more spins.

In the pink columns, go to the bottom before the "x" and this number means, that's how many spins that street has not been out for. Look across, from left to right, there are 12 numbers and 1 "X".

Each pink number is how many different 12's there were in that result.

Example: The bottom row has the pink numbers 14, 13, 18 & 15, this means there were 4 different 12's in that result, that is 4 different streets of 3 numbers that didn't come out on that spin. The "x" was the winning Street.

What we Know So Far.

Between 2 and 6, 12's coming out in every result is common. You will get a few doubles of the same street  numbers (3,3). Every Street will come out with every other street.

Just need to work out of the 3 or more 12's in the results, what would be a very good way to pick the one to bet against. The 12's lose at some point, what I have noticed is that you do get long runs of no losses.
This make sense, because if 4 streets are 12's, that leaves 8 streets, that can come out, before the 4, 12's streets do. We can use these streets to play the 4 Streets system, where 4 street's times 3 numbers = 12 numbers to miss out.
I am going to count how many times each number comes out in 14 lots of real numbers played at a real Casino:


In the image above: 

These numbers are how many times the 12's came out, there were 507 results.

The Black box means, that was when a 12's came out, if you look at the bottom of that column you see the number 158, this means 158 times, the winning number was one of the 12's.

The 31 to the left of the 158 means, there were 31 times the winning number was a 12's and it came out twice in a row.

In the image above:

The yellow boxes are winning numbers that were not one of the 12's, the number in the graph.

Example: The last column on the right means, 10 times in a row, the winning number, was one of the 12's, this only happened 2 times. 

The 9 in a row, only happened 1 time, the 8 in a row happened 4 times etc...

How will this help us:

1st, when a 12's comes out, be aware that the next spin could be a double. (another 12's coming out).
The doubles happened 31 times out of 507 results, which is 1 time in every 16 spins.

The biggest result was the 12's coming out only 1 time and then a street that was not a 12's came out, this happened, 158 times out of 507 results.

These yellow boxes mean, the 12's streets, did NOT come out, this is how many of the other streets came out in a row.

These 3 out comes, which is 1 x out, 2 times out or 3 times out in a row, happened in total of all 3, 78 times out of 507 spins, that means 1 in every 6 spins.

How will this help us:
This means you are going to have one of the 12's come out at some point when you are betting 
against them, so you need to factor this into the way you bet, if we look at 14 spins only, this gives every street 1 chance to come out and 2 extra spins, how often we will see the a street called "12's" come out in the last 2 results.
In the image above:
Here are 9 results, each box contains only the streets that did not come out in the first 12 spins, some boxes have 3 results and some have 6, I picked these results, because they all had one of these streets come out in the last 2 spins, these means if you had bet against that street, you would have loss.

In the image above:
Here are 9 results, that did not lose on the last 2 spins. On top of the boxes there are red box with an "x" in it, and a black box or nothing at all, this tells me at what spin I got these results from.
What we see is there will be losing bets in the last 2 spins and winning bets, so we have to add another reason to delete streets and see if this increases our pick only winning streets.

Adding the Cold Numbers to the streets:
The plan is to check with the last 37 spins, find the cold numbers, and see if we can make a streets with these numbers.