Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Roulette System for September 2011

After a number has doubled there will be another double normally within 13 spins
We can find the Winning numbers in every 13 spins about 97% of the time.

If we play these numbers then you could get a win in every 13 spins.
The way I play these numbers I get 35 chips profit back when it wins.

There are important rules to know when playing this system.

If you are not sure from the video what I was talking about with the white paper example.
I have explained it in more detail below.
This is what I call a Double.
Example: 2, 3, 12, 34, 25, 33, 17, 15, 22, 12, 35, 8, 14.
As you can see the 12 has come out 2 times before any other number has come out twice, the amount of numbers that come out in between the double makes no difference.
If you look at the example above, the Green numbers after the big red 12.
This is when you start betting.

After the Double you then place 1 chip straight up on the very next number in this case number 35 if this number did not come up on the next spin then you place another 1 chip straight up on the 35 and 1 chip straight up on the next number out the number 8 (in this case.)
Keep doing this until you stop playing or the Double comes up.

A Different way of playing the System above.
Another way to play this Roulette system is just place one chip as a straight up bet, on the next number out (in between Doubles).
Then the next number and the next until you have done 9 different spins, covering every number that comes out on all 9 spins, this costs a total of 45 chips.

You will have no profit from spin 9 and on wards, this is a numbers game we do not want the winning Double to happen at spin 9 or after, we want it to happen more often between spin 1 & 8.
This gives us a different amount of wins depending on which spin wins.

> You will defiantly get the winning Double on spins pass the 9th spin there's nothing you can do about it.
We want to use idea's that help stop the mounting losses.
We are aiming at all our winning spins to counter all losses in the long run.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Martingale betting system with a new twist

Martingale Betting System

In the Original Martingale Betting System 

Every new bet you place the same amount of chips as the last bet, and then a couple more.
You need to win before you get to your maximum bet.
You just bet on either the red or black color, odd or even, 1-18 or 19 to 36.

On the first spin you bet 1 chip if you lose then you bet 2 chips if you lose then you bet 4 chips, 8 chips, 16 chips etc...

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You are only making 1 extra chip each time, the other problem is at some stage you get it wrong and lose everything, which would be around 320 -640 depending on how much you double up after each loss.

At the casinos they have a maximum limit to how much you can bet, so you must win before that. In my research I have found that at some point no matter how many times you double up you will strike a run of what you are playing (colors etc,..) that will come out a lot more than you are betting, so if you have a maximum of 9 bets then what comes up is 8 times more than your bets, there is no way around this.
If you have been making a lot of small wins this with wipe them all out and a lot lot more.

In the way I am going to use it, the winnings will just finance a different system, and as long as I win in this other system, before I lose in this Martingale betting system then I will be OK.

Well I went out and played it, I found another one of the floors in it.
If you just pick 7 colors randomly and keep this pattern, then it's just the same as asking someone to try and guess 7 colors, if you do not change them then at some point they will guess it.

The lesson here would be to change your color pattern every time you use it, this way the Roulette wheel only has that 7 spins to try and work out your color pattern and beat you.

The more times you use this system then the Roulette wheel has another chance of betting you.
I think an idea would be to use the last 7 spins from the roulette table you are on, this way the wheel must copy it's own color pattern and it only has the very next 7 spins, to do it.
Don't copy the main patterns like black red black red etc.

I don't see the point in only making 1 chip each time, so I play with 5 chip increases, which means the first bet is 5 chips, the second is bet 10 chips the 3rd bet is 20 chips, then 40 chips then 80, then 160, then 320.
As you can see the risk on the last 3 bets starts to get large 80, 160, 320.
I don't like that idea you only have to have 1 loss and all you profits are down the drain.

So I prefer to wait until the first 2 bets would not have won and then start the 5, 10, 20, 40 bets at this point if I have still not won, then I would be in the stop the big losses mode, so my next bet would be
another 40 chips this way if I win on this spin then I get back the first 40 chips I would have loss, and my loss then is only the 5, 10, 20 bets which equals -35 as long as that spin was a winning spin.
I can come back from this kind of a loss.

I am still trying to decide if I should go one more time with an 80 chip bet in stead of 40 or to do 80 then 100 this will not give me a profit but it slows down the loss.
My results tell me that when the color pattern dose go pass my bets then the extra couple of spins don't help me, so maybe I should just stay at no bet, no bet, 5, 10, 20, 40, 40, Stop, it will keep the loss down and give me more chances with another 115 chips to start again.
The other tip to watch for is, when you get the 7 colors and you are going to wait 2 spins before you bet.
If they win in the first 2 spins then you have to start again with the colors, because other wise you would not have 7 spins because you waited for the first 2 colors to be your colors so you now only have 5 spins as your back up spins, not 7 spins.

I have done research on 300 lots of 7 spins each group of 7 spins comes from the same dealer and these are games I have played in a real casino, but not this way, I just put the color patterns in a software program as if I had played  it for real.
The interesting thing I found was that in that test only once did it total lose and it went on for a total of 12 correct color patterns so that would have been a loss.

Considering you only make 5 chips each win then you would have to have won 23 times, this is based on me playing bets of (1st bet) no bet, (2nd bet) no bet, (3rd bet) 5 chips, 10, 20, 40, 40. STOP

You must use these 5 chips to finance another way of playing , this other way would be where you make your profit because you could afford a loss.

What do you do when Zero comes up.

 Do you ignore it and keep betting or do you stop, Zero could come up on your last bet.
My over all advice to you is    DO NOT PLAY THIS WAY !!!

You only make 5 chips each time you win, I have a much better way of betting where you make 6 chips each time you win, but you are betting 30 chips each time, which means a loss is only 30 chips and the best part is 6 wins fixes 1 loss.
The 6 chip Recouper
Place 10 chips on 2 different Dozens or Rows and on the 3rd one place 10 straight up bets, you miss out 2 numbers and the Zero, each time you get a straight up win you make 6 chips, the other 2 Dozens or Rows gives you your bet back, Zero will make you lose 30 chips.

Increase your chances of winning 
You can miss 3 numbers from the Dozen with the straight ups on it and cover Zero there are a lot of ways to find 3 numbers that are not going to come out and best of all if you get a loss you only have to win 6 times to fix it. With a 6 chip win you could then pick 1 colour and 1 Dozen and have 6 straight ups as your bet. Or just stick it on a color and leave it to you get a loss and then Recoupe another 6 chips and do it again.