Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Cold numbers from the last 37 spins and when they come out

When you spin the Roulette Wheel 37 times you will always get around 13 numbers that do not come out, this happens every time, try it.

In the next 37 spins you will get most of these numbers coming out, there will be some that double.
This way we know some thing that will happen in the next 37 spins.

In every 37 spins you will get 3 groups
1: Cold numbers about 13
2: Numbers that come out 1 time only
3: Doubles and trebels, if you don't get a trebel then you will have more doubles
4: Cold numbers from the last 37 spins, a couple will stay cold for this 37 spins, also.

When we get closer to the end of 37 spins we can place numbers into different groups, we know 1st the numbers that will come out, these are the numbers that didn't come out in the last 37 spins, remember not all of them this is just a guide, but if you had 13 not out and 10 of these have come out already then the numbers from the spins that are left would go into a different group.

You will also know which numbers that are doubles or trebels because they already have come out twice or more now. So if you have 8 doubles now then it's more likely that you wont get another double with these last few spins, this is not perfect it just gives us an idea of which numbers to pick from for our bets.

Numbers that come out only 1 time can't be a double so if you are close to your double amount out, then you have to see how far away from the 13 cold numbers that you will have at the end of these 37 spins, if there are a lot more than 13 numbers not out and we expect to only have 13 cold at the end, then this means more numbers from the numbers that have not come out yet will come out so use these numbers to bet on.


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