Thursday, November 17, 2016

Miss 4 numbers of the same colour

The Right Row has 4 black numbers and the middle Row has 4 Red numbers.
I will use this as a RC and a system.

I wait for the pattern a new row each time, when the ball has left the right row I miss out the 4 black numbers (6,15,24,33).

I place 1 chip straight up on every other black numbers and the Zero, this is 15 chips.
I also place 15 chips on the Red box, now if any Red number comes up, I win no extra chips, but I get my bet back.
If Zero or any of the Black numbers except for (6,15,24,33), win then I win 6 chips.

6 chips is not very much money, but I want an easy way to Recoup chips to place on bets, this is where I make my profit.

You can do the same with the middle row but this time using the Red numbers (5,14,23,32).

The bet costs you 30 chips every time, if you win you get 6 chips profit, when you lose you lose 30 chips.
30 divided by 6 is 5, so you only need to win 5 times for every 1 loss.

I want my wins from other bets to get rid of any losses, from this way of Recouping
If you can master this way of Recouping, then you can finance other bets you make.

It's not really missing 4 numbers, because I use different reasons to miss out the 4 numbers.
I don't just use this way to pick my 4 numbers to miss out, because the more you use it the closer you will get to the time when one of the 4 numbers you don't want to come out, comes out.

I have found this with every thing I try, the more you use it, the closer you get to the time it will lose.
So if you can use a lot of different ways to miss out 4 numbers, then you reduce your risk.

And because I use a lot of different ways I am not really missing out 4 numbers, here is an example
the last number out will not always double, where the ball landed last the 2 numbers either side of it do not come up very often.

The last Street the other 2 numbers on that same Street will not come up very often on the next spin.
You may see weird combinations like 1,2,3,4 so how likely would number 5 really be of coming out next.

You get between 0 and 3 doubles in 13 spins, so in the 13 spins there are spins where all these numbers are safe.

The 1st & 2nd numbers, right after a double has come out on average is 1 in 13 times, so these numbers are also safe.

There are lots of ways to find 4 numbers that have a less chance of coming out on the next spin, we really only have to be good enough to have a 1 loss in 8 wins ratio, then this pays for the loss and gives us 12 chips to bet with.

With all these ways to delete 4 numbers you must admit its like having 2 or 3 bad numbers not 4.
Easy way to test this is just randomly, pick 4 numbers to miss out and see how often you are wrong, now try it when you are looking for numbers that you think you have a good reason for them to not come out on your next spin.

If you notice you have a better ratio of wins to loss, then it works.

I like to play my 3 spins after a Double system, you can find it on this blog.
I only place 3 bets each time but I put 2 chips on each number so this will cost me 6 chips,I have these bets on a straight up bet which I will win $70 chips profit, and since I have Recouped the chips for the bet each time or most of the time, most or all of it is profit.

Once you have Mastered the system and the Recouping then all you have to do is increase your chip value, so if you go from $1 chip value to $2 chip value then instead of a $70 chip win you would have a $140 chip win, from 1 win.

Only if you are good at the Recouping and understand how the "3 spins after a Double" system works, and you stick to the rules of it.

I have other systems but I like to start with that one first.

"3 Streets" is another good system to play, its faster, and the bet costs 12 chips each time.
Leave a comment if interested.

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