Friday, September 18, 2015

3 Streets Strategy Explained

3 Streets Strategy, Why it works.

How to place  the bets.

  3 Streets updated for 2017.

This is the best way I have found to play the "3 Streets System"

Miss the Zero or play him with the 1,2,3 numbers.

You have 2 choices with the Zero 

1: Miss it out and when it comes up you lose 12 chips. It could be a hot number. (4x12= -48)
2: Bet on the 4 corner of 0,1,2,3 this way when any of these numbers come up you only lose 3 chips,
because a 4 corner pays 8 chips plus the 1 chip you used as your bet = 9 chips - the 12 chip bet = 3 chips loss, so these numbers need to come up 4 times any of them to be the same as a Zero 12 chip loss.

Which street to miss out, using what has come out.

Because we must miss out 3 streets and place 3 chips on 3 of these 9 numbers, we want to miss out one street that will not come up too often, but how can you tell which street will or will not come out in the next 37 spins?

If we look at the last 12 or so results you will see which numbers have already come out, we are looking for any street that has a couple of number from that street out already.  The more times numbers from a street have come out the less times that street will come out in the next 37 spins.
let me explain below.

How many times will 1 street come out in 37 spins?

There are in every 37 spins only 3 different out comes for every number, they can only go into one out come only.

1: 1/3 of the numbers from 0 to 36 will not come out at all, about 13 numbers. 
2: 1/3 will only come out 1 time.
3: The remaining numbers will either become Doubles, Trebles or more.
This means that one street can have 2 numbers that have doubled, so that's 4 times that street has come up if its hot, and the 3rd number may have come up 1 time this means that street has 5 wins.
Its not normal to have 2 trebles and a double in the same street but it can happen.

We are just trying to find a street that is less likely to come out, because he has already been out a few times, this street we do not place a bet on.

Look at these pictures of 37 spins and see how many times the same street has come out.
The problem this system has is how do you know the numbers you have bet on will come out, are they going to be cold numbers and not come out at all, in this 37 spins?

Which numbers will come out in the next 37 spins.

In 37 spins you get around 13 numbers not coming out, in the next 37 spins most or all of these numbers come out, so you are best to pick your winning numbers from these numbers, and when you get your win STOP before you get too many losing spins, now start this all over again.

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