Friday, September 18, 2015

3 Streets Strategy Explained

3 Streets Strategy, Why it works. How to place  the bets.

  3 Streets updated for 2017.

This is the best way I have found to play the "3 Streets System"

Miss the Zero or play him with the 1,2,3 numbers.

You have 2 choices with the Zero 

1: Miss it out and when it comes up you lose 24 chips. It could be a hot number. (3x24= -72)
2: Bet on the 0,1,2. Miss out the Number 3.
3: Bet on the 0,2,3. Miss out the Number 1.
4: Bet on the 1,2,3. Miss out the Zero.

You Must Miss out one Street.

The ball will go into the Street Called "Street 2".
We want this to happen before it goes into the Street we didn't bet on or the Zero.

We win 12 chips and lose 24.
Two wins fix one loss.

How many times will the Street called " Street 2" come out in 37 spins?

Look at the wheel these are real results played at a live casino.
There are 37 spins.
See how many times the numbers from the Street called "Street 2" have come out.
(4,5,6  16,17,18   28,29,30)

These are a different 37 spins.

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