Sunday, September 20, 2015

3 Spins after a Double

Roulette System: 3 Spins after a Double

In every 13 spins you will get a Double. (97% of the time)
1/3 of the time it will happen on the 2nd or 3rd spin
after the last Double.

The bet costs only 3 chips per double.
 You win 35 chips back (*if you Recoup as well)

You must have patience & Self Control.

We hunt for a number to come out twice in 3 spins after a Double.
on the 1st spin & the 2nd spin or
on the 1st spin & the 3rd spin or
on the 2nd spin & the 3rd spin after the Double.

This video explains how to bet & why it wins. 

Watch me play this Roulette System live at a Real Casino, Click on Me

 There have been 9 lots of 3 spins after a Double, I will now start chasing it.After each Double I will bet 3 chips on the 3 spins after the Double.
Then I STOP and wait for the next Double.  I will recoup 2 or 3 chips back
so the bet will cost me nothing.
Watch the video to see what happens.

Other times the winning numbers have come up 1/2, 1/3, 2/3.


Another win this time 2 chips bet Straight up.

2 wins in a Row in the 1st 3 Doubles

4 wins, 2 wins in a Row, all in 30 Doubles.

2 wins in a Row, in 3 Doubles, in 20 minutes.



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