Sunday, June 09, 2013

Roulette always double bet

When you play Roulette always double your bet.

Any one that has played roulette for any length of time knows that at some point the colour you are following will not do what you want and when you get a loss it is big, normally bigger than the wins you have already won.

This is what they call the Martingale Roulette System, it wins in the short term but the loss will be big.

When you play roulette and you try to always double your bet you would normally play the red & black or the odd & evens or 1-18 & 19-36 Dozens or the Rows, because these bets have 1 to 1 odds.

The reason this way of betting will lose is because of the big loss you get, if you are to beat it, you have to work on this area.

If when doing a double bet you were using 5 chips then 10 chips then 20 chips ... you really need to find a earlier point where you would stop betting.

This double up bet wins 5 chips each time you win, so if you had a 160 chip loss then you would have to win 32 times to get back that double up bet loss.

Why not stop at say 40 chip bet loss, this way you only have to get back 15 lots of 5 chips, because you loss 5 then 10 then 20 then 40, it is easier to get back 15 lots of 5 chips than 32 lots of 5 chips.

Or you need another way to win larger amounts for when this happens.

Or just play and if your lucks in tonight great if not oh well.

If you want to win roulette when you double your bet there is a way, if you are lucky.

Play 4 times doubling your bet each time because if you use red & black there are 16 different combinations possible so you have a 1 in 16 chance of being wrong.

Lets look at the picture of the red & black where you have doubled your bet 4 times and see what the
odds are.

As you can see in the picture the purple line is where you always double your bet so if we only double your bet 4 times this means the 1st time you have a 50/50 chance next you have a 1 in 4 chance next you have a 1 in 8 chance and the last time you try to double your bet you have a 1 in 16 chance.

In the last bet there are 16 different possible ends for your bet, do you think the same combination will happen twice in a row?

If the last red/black combination was Red, Red, Red, Black, Red would this happen twice in a row?

As you can see when you first decide which colour you are going to pick their are 16 possible out comes and since there are 16 you would think you should be right a few times before you lose.

When you lose, you have 15 lots of 5 chips to win back, what can you do to increase your chances of a win and is there another way to get back a loss?

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Sakinder said...

Great post, Thanks for sharing information, Are you sure by doing double the bet we can win in roulette online

ice said...

No i don't think you can win in roulette by doubling your bet, because a big loss is coming for you.
You need a way of picking from the 16 possible outcomes which 1 would most likely not come out, but how would you do that ?? Since you only win 5 chips each time, and a big loss will take all your small wins, I would not bet that way.

In my Roulette Newsletter I show you a way where you can make 6 chips with only 3 numbers that can make you lose, and the biggest loss would be 30 chips, but you would only win if it went into the 1 dozen you picked, the other 2 dozens would give you your bet back (no loss). I think this would be a better bet to bet.

Serious-Games said...

Optimize your chances but there is still no way to change the odds in your favor with roulette

Gemein Hardt said...

best way to win! don't gamble.

Gemein Hardt said...

its mathematically proven there's no way to win at roulette. plz stop dreaming

Gemein Hardt said...

best way to win! don't gamble.

Chino Moreno said...

I always thought about double betting, I just haven't tried it though.
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Anonymous said...

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roth phallyka said...

its mathematically proven there's no way to win at roulette. plz stop dreaming



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