Friday, June 28, 2013

Roulette always bet on black

Always bet on black, it might sound cool

but it is a bad bet.

You will get the same amount of red & black numbers on average.

Always bet on Black

I know some one who only plays the 3rd dozen black numbers only
& some times  she wins but other times she loses. 
But she just plays the same numbers every time she plays.

The color can't tell you which number will come out.

You simply cannot predict if red or black will come up more than the other.
But one of them will in small amounts of spins, but not on average.

Look at the roulette wheel the black numbers are every 2nd number 
around the wheel, there is no advantage of this for you.

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This is where all the 3rd Dozen black numbers are around
the roulette wheel.
(single zero wheel)

If you always bet on black in the 3rd dozen then you want
the winning ball to go into the top left section,
because if it stays away from there then you will not get a win.

Below is where all the 2nd Dozen black numbers are around
the roulette wheel.
(single zero wheel)

As you see these numbers are spread out more around
the roulette wheel than the 3rd dozen numbers were.

This is where all the 1st Dozen black numbers are
around the roulette wheel.
(single zero wheel).

These black numbers are mostly on the right side of the roulette wheel
if the winning number is not hitting this side of the roulette wheel
then you will not get a win, from the 1st Dozen Black numbers.

As you can see different dozens of black numbers are in different
parts of the wheel.

If you always bet on black then where they are around the wheel
will not effect you much.
But if you only bet black on certain dozens then be careful.
The table layout advantage
When you always bet on black on the roulette table, let's
see if there is an advantage we can use with the table layout.

Tips for betting on Black numbers on the Roulette Table.

As you can see in the picture, this is where all the black numbers are 
on the roulette table.

You will notice there are only 4 black numbers in the right row.
(6, 15, 24, 33).

There are 8 black numbers in the middle row

and the left row has 6 black and red numbers.

If you record 37 spins, this is enough spins for every number to
come out one time each, then when you count
the red and black numbers

you will see that the two different colors will come out very close

to the same amount of times.

So there is no advantage to always betting on black.

But if we are only going after certain black numbers

Roulette Strategy Black and Red

The best way to play if you only want to bet on Black is to

watch the 2 videos that I have made.

Refresh this page the invite will come on to the screen again

fill in the form and watch the roulette winning strategy video.

This is a roulette strategy that works if you stick to the rules

its not like the martingale roulette strategy which has a great big flaw.

In this is a easy way to win on roulette, the simple roulette strategy
in the video tells you how it works
what you must do and I will help you to learn to play this way only if 
it is a system that you would like to use.


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