Saturday, June 17, 2017

Red and Black win 3 times in a Row with a Recouper

Goal Win 3 times in a Row using a Recouper to finance your bets.

Pick the right Color and bet the profit again & again & again.

In this System we use one of the Recoupers to make the first bet (6 chips), then we just pick which color pattern, we will bet on.

When you get the win you put it back on, and bet again, put it back on, and bet again, put it back on, STOP and start again.

1: First step Recoup 6 chips.

2: Pick which Color pattern You are going to bet on.

3: If it wins (6 chips + the winnings of 6 chips) total 12 chips.

4: 12 chip bet on the Color pattern You choose.

5: If it wins (12 chips + the winnings of 12 chips) total 24 chips.

6: If it wins (24 chips + the winnings of 24 chips) total 48 chips.

STOP.....    Recoup again, then start new bets.

If it wins you made 48 Chips profit, if you lose start again, you have loss no chips because you Recouped at the start,

You only lose when you get the Recouping wrong, but 1 win will fix that loss.

Here are all the color patterns possible with 2 colors and 3 bets.

1: Red, Black, Red.

2: Red, Black, Black.

3: Red, Red, Black.

4: Red, Red, Red.

5: Black, Red, Black.

6: Black, Red, Red.

7: Black, Black, Red.

8: Black, Black, Black.

Don't worry about the Zero, you just lose that bet, even if Zero is hot , it will only come up 4 times max on average.


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