Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Roulette System for September 2011

After a number has doubled there will be another double normally within 13 spins
We can find the Winning numbers in every 13 spins about 97% of the time.

If we play these numbers then you could get a win in every 13 spins.
The way I play these numbers I get 35 chips profit back when it wins.

There are important rules to know when playing this system.

If you are not sure from the video what I was talking about with the white paper example.
I have explained it in more detail below.
This is what I call a Double.
Example: 2, 3, 12, 34, 25, 33, 17, 15, 22, 12, 35, 8, 14.
As you can see the 12 has come out 2 times before any other number has come out twice, the amount of numbers that come out in between the double makes no difference.
If you look at the example above, the Green numbers after the big red 12.
This is when you start betting.

After the Double you then place 1 chip straight up on the very next number in this case number 35 if this number did not come up on the next spin then you place another 1 chip straight up on the 35 and 1 chip straight up on the next number out the number 8 (in this case.)
Keep doing this until you stop playing or the Double comes up.

A Different way of playing the System above.
Another way to play this Roulette system is just place one chip as a straight up bet, on the next number out (in between Doubles).
Then the next number and the next until you have done 9 different spins, covering every number that comes out on all 9 spins, this costs a total of 45 chips.

You will have no profit from spin 9 and on wards, this is a numbers game we do not want the winning Double to happen at spin 9 or after, we want it to happen more often between spin 1 & 8.
This gives us a different amount of wins depending on which spin wins.

> You will defiantly get the winning Double on spins pass the 9th spin there's nothing you can do about it.
We want to use idea's that help stop the mounting losses.
We are aiming at all our winning spins to counter all losses in the long run.

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Bogdan said...

Hmm quite interesting system, but i think there are much more better ones for winning at roulette. Well, i think it doesn't hurt trying this one sometimes.

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Alex Robert said...
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siryoz0 said...
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siryoz0 said...

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